What we do

Mission: To provide a platform for HK-style business networking for like-minded people – open-minded, adaptable, relevant and fun.

Reasons to join

  • Extend your professional network
  • Gain knowledge from experts in relevant areas
  • Hear from business and political leaders
  • Find support for your business development needs
  • Experience targeted, bespoke networking and introductions

Advantages of targeted networking

  • Career advancement: both internally and externally, meeting senior level executives
  • Career change: looking at other businesses for ideas and future employment opportunities
  • Mentoring: learning from other generations
  • Researching other industries and companies
  • Connecting with entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs
  • Connecting with investor groups

Whatever generation you are, more needs to be done to connect proven talent with future talent; to offer a platform where the ‘can-do’ attitude thrives; and to provide bespoke networking based on your individual preferences and needs.

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