Regional lunches or suppers are usually organised by members, for members of the Hong Kong Society and those who want to maintain links with others with interests in, and connections with, Hong Kong. These can be arranged wherever significant numbers of members live.

Past regional events have been held in:

North East England
Tunbridge Wells

If you are interested in organising a regional event, please contact

Past Events

Gloucestershire Summer Lunch, 10 July 2019

I have been rather tempted to re-title this event as a West Country lunch as, with the single exception of Monmouthshire, we had attendees from all counties surrounding Gloucestershire, together with several who journeyed to Cheltenham from considerably further………….in fact those at this year’s lunch who have a GL postcode were in the minority for the first time! But then I worry that ‘West Country’ might excite Poldark-ian expectations, when Laurie Lee and his cider is nearer the mark.

Lindsay Jones Alastair  Cathy Scott 2
Nigel Johnson-Hill  Paul Selway-Swift 2
Richard Younge Moya Kitchen Tony Ferrige Tony Kitchen Tom Wright Kate Simpson Keiko Younge

Anyway, the unbroken succession of year-by-year increases in attendances was maintained, and now virtually every member of the Society who lives in Gloucestershire has put in an appearance at The Royal Oak at least once. More importantly perhaps, local membership has grown, and the numbers who have come only once are very small.

This year we achieved not only one Society Chairman, but also no less than three Executive Directors – the recently-appointed Lindsay Jones and her two immediate predecessors. Furthermore, Priscilla To, the Director-General of the HK Economic & Trade Office, impressed us all with a formidably well-informed and well-presented address – all the more so since it was delivered against a background of the (newly-violent) demonstrations in Hong Kong, a scenario about which she was prepared to talk convincingly

So, everyone seemed to have enjoyed the lunch. Why? Well, The Royal Oak works very well as a venue, and their people did an excellent job……………..but this is a necessary, rather than a sufficient condition. More importantly (even) everyone gels and laughs and makes lots of noise, reminiscing and about past times and speculating about futures. That’s Hong Kong people for you

Alastair Scott
Gloucestershire Regional Convener

Scottish Regional Lunch, 27 August 2019

On the 27th August we held our latest Regional Lunch in Edinburgh.

The lunch was at the Mansion House at Edinburgh Zoo which was a new venue for the Society and 37 members and guests were in attendance. We were very lucky to have Lindsay Jones, the recently appointed Executive Director of the Society as our speaker. Lindsay updated us on her ideas for the future of the Society and gave us a summary of the current unstable situation in Hong Kong which is of concern to all of us who have lived and worked in that great City. Her address was very well received and we hope Lindsay can attend one of our future events. She will be very welcome.

The lunch was a relaxed event and the caterers did their best to provide good service and tasty food. At one stage your correspondent wondered whether we were taking part in A Fawlty Towers show at the Edinburgh Fringe as the tea and coffee were served before the dessert!  All was well in the end and I think it is fair to say that we all had a good time.

Once again a big thank you to Lindsay and to you all for being there.

I look forward to seeing you at our next lunch in December.

Roy Dewar
Scottish Regional Convener

Gloucestershire Summer Lunch, 4 July 2018

Time flies – this was already the sixth annual Gloucestershire lunch! We now have getting on for twice the number of attendees who turned out, experimentally, in 2013, and a fair few of those have been enthusiastic enough to have been at all subsequent lunches. So, the formula seems to be a good one – though it would be nice to find ways of attracting more younger and more Chinese demographics.

Tom Wright Me David  Frances Leonard
Sylvie  Bruce Fraser Trevor Gander
Connie Gander Rose Sage Kate Simpson Cathy Scott Cory Caplan

Several with HK connections were persuaded by their enjoyment of the event to join the Society, and attendees came to Cheltenham from pretty much all of Gloucestershire’s contiguous counties – plus Buckinghamshire, even!  There were several of the usual delighted surprises on renewing an acquaintanceship from (sometimes) way back   We stuck with the now-traditional venue of The Royal Oak in Prestbury; there was the usual welcoming bubbly and delicious food, and most of us were able to have the odd glass of wine. Tom Wright (Executive Director) spoke of the future plans of the Society, and also about Hong Kong’s position within the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone – some concerns, but plenty of opportunities; those who know Hong Kong will be confident that its combination of entrepreneurial spirit and the rule of law will enable it to thrive.

And will the HK Society in Gloucestershire also continue to thrive? The challenge is to retain what works and is enjoyed (whilst not falling victim to complacency) and simultaneously to build for the future. All without over-reaching ourselves. First steps: to find some dates for next year!

Alastair Scott
Gloucestershire Regional Convener

Gloucestershire Mid-Autumn Festival Lunch, 4 October 2017

No moon-gazing (at the time, at least), no lighting of lanterns, no moon-cakes…….and a bit of a rash of cancellations due to flu-like symptoms – but, in spite of these draw-backs and set-backs, we had a great gathering at the now-traditional venue of The Royal Oak in Prestbury. It proved difficult to maintain the rapid rate of increase in numbers achieved last year, but members (and others) came from even greater distances and it was particularly encouraging to see a good number at the lunch for the first time.

Alastair Scott (1) (2)
Nigel Johnson-Hill (2) (2)
Cathy Scott Cloe Loo Kate Simpson (2)
Alastair Scott Barbara Grainger Wing Yip (2)

There was the usual delicious food, most of us were able to have the odd glass of wine, plenty mentioned how the mere fact of a connection with Hong Kong creates not just connections but bonds – and there were quite a number of these being renewed, sometimes after a considerable interval. Nigel Johnson-Hill (Chairman) talked about what the months and years ahead hold for the Society, and thanked Robert Guy (retiring Executive Director) for his many and various contributions. Paul Selway-Smith provided insights into current political and social attitudes in Hong Kong. The question of how the territory can maintain its importance and relevance as it moves towards the halfway point of the 50-year period of One Country, Two Systems is a critical one for the present administration.

We were also delighted to have Mr Wing Yip (long-time sponsor and supporter of the Society) and Barbara Grainger with us for a second successive year. In between, members of the Society living locally had paid a hugely impressive visit to the Wing Yip oriental grocery store and distribution centre in Birmingham – and were entertained to a delicious lunch

So, as always in situations like this, the challenge will be to maintain the momentum – but the idea does seem to have traction. Just need some dates for next year!

Alastair Scott, Gloucestershire Regional Convener

Scottish Regional Luncheon

I am pleased to say that the Scottish Region of the Hong Kong Society continues to be well supported and I would like to thank our members for their attendance at our events.

On 15th July, 2016 we had a very successful lunch at the Royal Overseas League in Edinburgh. 45 people attended the lunch and our speaker, Andrew McRae spoke to us about his experience of setting up a retail shop in the very competitive environment of Central Hong Kong. Andrew is CEO and Founder of Museum Context Ltd and has 2 successful shops in the Royal Mile area of Edinburgh. His speech was both entertaining and informative and was very well received. On this occasion we decided to vary from our normal lunch format and the Club put on an excellent Malaysian style curry buffet. Our members seemed to enjoy the change and I noticed that many of the attendees visited the buffet more than once! I am very happy to report that there was still plenty of food left so nobody was left wanting.

As I write this we are well into September but the temperature remains very acceptable so I am hopeful that our winter will not be too severe and I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you in December.

Roy Dewar, Scottish Regional Convener

Summer Party in Bournemouth

When I brought a second home by the sea last year, I fell in love with the beauty of the Bournemouth area and, as a Chinese, I could not believe my luck when I found that I was living only about 10 minutes walk from one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area – The Ocean City!

As a new Hong Kong Society committee member I volunteered to organise a luncheon at the Ocean City restaurant as I think its dim sum is excellent. Indeed one member told me that he and his wife came to Bournemouth regularly for their dental treatment but never realised there was such a great Chinese restaurant here. In the future they will definitely combine their visits to the dentist with visits to The Ocean City!

23 members of the Hong Kong Society came from all over the South West; wonderfully the party included Howard and Kay Chamberlin, who had organized previous gatherings in the area. It was a great occasion that gave me the opportunity to meet many members whom I have not seen at London events and we had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch. The dim sum dishes were delicious as was the fantastic lobster noodle starter!

I felt honoured to be given the opportunity to organise the luncheon for members in the region and I am really pleased that everyone was so appreciative. I look forward to organising a repeat of the event next year!
Carrie Waley

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