The Hong Kong Association’s mission is to act as the champion in the UK for the long-standing and special business and trading relationship between the Hong Kong SAR and the United Kingdom.


To hold regular meetings of the committee, of groups of members with particular interests and of the association as a whole.

• The committee meets for working private lunches about three – four times a year; guests include relevant political, business and journalist contacts. These lunches serve to advance the interests of UK-HK relations and are funded by the committee members themselves.

• Some committee lunches are open to members at a senior level who have interests which are of particular relevance.

• About four lunches per year are organised for the whole association, involving high profile and relevant speakers.

• The association also organises two or three forums or seminars per year. These involve panels of experts and focus on issues of particular interest to the HK-UK partnership.

To act in support of visiting official representatives from Hong Kong by providing a focus for interested organisations in the UK.

• Meetings with the committee, events with particular groups of members or with the whole association, as appropriate.

• The association is usually the first non-governmental organisation contacted by visiting officials and representatives.

To provide information, expertise and support for any parliamentary activity relevant to the mission.

• Committee lunches or dinners with political leaders, parliamentarians and officials.

•  At least one dinner per year with the All Party Parliamentary China Group

To work so as to become known as a source of senior and well informed advice on relevant aspects of Hong Kong-related business and to lobby where necessary so as to promote the interests of the mission.

To act as a recognised conduit of business-related information for members about Hong Kong.

To promote in every other way, which is within its scope, the interests of HK-UK exchange by personal discreet contact and information flow.

To act where relevant in conjunction with the Hong Kong Society in its social and cultural activities.

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